Apply for Scholarship

How a Kenyan High School Can Apply for Scholarships

Submit a formal request to KSF International informing school size, needy students percentage, current fee schedule (excluding arrears), term dates and any other important information. Scan and send to Kenya Scholarship Fund International via email at

  • The letter should be on letter head, signed by Principal, school stamped and scanned via email.
  • KSF Board meets to evaluate all requests and notifies schools via email.
  • Qualifying schools are required to assign a Champion to administer the process, sign and adhere to a Memorandum of Understanding containing strict guidelines.

Scholarships begin in January each year.

Important Documents:

  1. Application Process Chart 
  2. Student Application
  3. School Application
  4. Student Letter of Appreciation
  5. Memorandum of Understanding
  6. Scholarship Recipient Change
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